Ideology Kills

The Journey of Life is not a living walking lucid dream. It is impregnated with uncertainties. So are the authentic human experiences. They cannot be enclosed by a definitive system. The moment you start enclosing and categorizing human feelings and emotions into different genres of ideologies and algorithms, you push the future of the society into predictable rationality and eventually oblivion.
An empowerment of any ideological definition (secular or religious) of human behavior has the potential to sweep the globe and in turn hinder the possibility of alternative human experiences and emotions by defining it with a certain ideology. The ideological definition can sometimes limit the human emotions to a definite realm. Human experience, by some definitions, can even be defined as an alteration of the mind. This is scary. This can be an amputation of the potential of the evolutionary human craving.
These emotions and experiences are beyond practicality and therefore cannot be and should not be enclosed by rationality or definition. This encapsulation slowly murders subjectivity and pushes the mass into a system controlled heaven, for now, human emotions are nothing more than algorithms.
The authentic human experience is in madness and chaos. Madmen are always outside the manufactured border of the engineers of the system. In fact, madness is an opportunity to fall out of the system. This phenomenon of falling out of the system has the potential to provide authentic human experiences and in turn, lead to a functional catharsis.
Imagine the human emotions and thereby the future defined by Aristotelian-ism and theologies where atrocities are nothing more than god’s mystical nature. It’s a dystopia for anyone with an alternative ideology. This is why no certain ideology should be allowed to define the culture/society
The dystopian unnatural system defined, definitive future is orderly insanity.
The future is then defined by the algorithms of the system as a heavenly manifestation of order, safety, and homogeneity.

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