The Toxic Order

Humanity is a complex system that should be overcome. We all have been taught from a young age that we must submit ourselves to an artificial order. An order to govern every aspect of our chaotic life, an order to govern the society, an order to govern institutions, an order to govern the fauna, else chaos will engulf the world. The chaotic dystopian lawless future of the world is portrayed in every organized religion with much discontent and fear. The lawless are bastardized for their ideals by the institutions that govern our society. Yes, An artificial order is necessary for sustaining cultural institutions, but you are not a cultural institution! You can absolutely survive and flourish in chaos like your ancestors have. In fact, you are chaotic beings that do not need cultural governance. The dystopian representation of a dying world of chaos is manufactured by cultural engineers as an excuse for dis empowering and abusing you.
These institutions have a complex defense system. The cultural engineers have manipulated and mislead the whole world by forming a global perspective of Dark and Light. The dark is everything that is opposed to the order and the good is anything that assists the sustenance of the present order. This global perspective has been engraved to almost all governing bodies in the world to keep the dissent in check. This can be seen in almost all religious texts. The first ever story of genesis came with an enforced morality. Adam and Eve were offered the entirety of Eden but the ‘tree of knowledge’. We are somehow convinced that Adam biting from the tree of knowledge is the first ever sin committed by the man and that was the reason for men being tossed down to the chaos of history. These texts frame a perspective so that any ideas that challenge these institutions can be shot down. You are treated sub-human and a degenerate if you have alternate views. Humanity is a complex system that should be overcome
We are constantly told to abide by this order to fit in and lead a tasteless bland life of conformity and timidity. The authentic individuality can only be formed by rejecting the existing social order.

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