Society is a dynamic institution. It enforces monotony in our lives using the fear of oblivion and failure. Initially it was enforced through swords and institutions based on hierarchy. Now that further evolution is occurring the physical hierarchies are falling apart. Here’s where we can see the dynamic nature of the so called society as this manipulation is now incorporated intellectually. With human evolution the institutions has now become more complex. The complexity is so much that the delusion of the world turning into a liberal paradise is propagated through State controlled information outlets. The fact that change is inevitable and what is happening to the society is nothing close to radical is nowhere in any information sources.It’s just a recovery from the reign of Abrahamic cultures. The thin grey between reality and delusion has almost turned invisible. It’s much harder to fight the system now as we might be fighting the pawns who are so unaware of this. It’s easy to fight an enemy with a face. The unquenched outrage dominates world as the pretty chaos of the world is been crippled and manipulated by princely aristocratic uptight brooks. The sense of outrage of the stateless are usually portrayed vivid, often too vivid that we now resemble fucking savages who deserve authoritarian governance and societal morals. The mass manipulation of state has always been keen on enforcing an Abrahamic American dream. There was a million years of evolutionary spiritual growth with the nature and then religion happened. The perfect idea of a family,individual,society,sovereignty,nation and equality are all borrowed from archaic Dharmic and Abrahamic cultures and religions. If it wasn’t for their dominance over our ancient way of living we never would have had to deal with racism, misogyny or homophobia. Now that the Grey is vanishing, conventional ideologies and philosophies are now expected to choose a side. The definition of ‘dark’ was infiltrated and manipulated by the authority and the clergy to oppress and label anyone who question the state enforced way of living. The fear campaign against anarchy,  spirituality and other state independent or self-enlightening activities and ideologies is just so that it leads to a liberation and a release of one’s way of living to chaos from an artificial enforced order.

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